Seeking sponsorship for your organization or for an upcoming company event? As part of our community outreach and interest in building our contacts through the regions we serve, we can partner with you for your next fundraiser. Silver provides in-kind donations as trip-vouchers that you may use for awards, silent auctions, VIP gifts and more. 

Silver Airways flies more Florida routes than any other airline, and we cover our neighbors, The Bahamas, more than any other, too. Silver’s convenient routes, everyday low fares, and Freedom Fares combine to make air travel around the state and throughout the Bahamas simple and direct. Our quick flights are often cheaper than driving or ferry and will save you something even more precious - time. We appreciate your interest in having Silver Airways partner with you and looking forward to serve you.
Community Tickets

Sponsorship Partners

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What We’re Looking For

Silver prefers to participate in sponsorships that use paid/organic advertising with the intention of building brand-recognition. Silver wants to work with you and will support your cause by providing a number of tactics that can enhance your media exposure. Silver prefers to tie our name with opportunities that are looking to project their image in their community with Silver as a key partner.

Sponsorship Guidelines:
  • Fill out the form below
  • The event or sponsorship must attract at least 2,500 participants
  • Provide demographics of your participants
  • Media inclusion must accompany any proposal for Sponsorship. Please provide an overview of how Silver can be integrated in advertising, including a tag line
  • Provide Reach / Frequency numbers where Silver will be included
  • Provide opportunities for properties/spaces beyond typical sponsorship (such as Silver Airways Stage, Water Station, etc…)

Sponsorship Request Form

Simply, request using the form below. We will evaluate your request and get back to you shortly. To allow enough time for review and fulfillment, place your request at least one (1) month prior to your event. You will receive a response via email within two (2) weeks.