Huntsville, Alabama

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Northern Alabama’s, Huntsville is brings together a mix of Old South heritage and space exploration, amply seasoned with inviting cultural attractions and some of the best barbecued food traditions in the world. Attractions include Space Camp, Huntsville’s charming 19th Century historical section, its botanical gardens, and even a safari! While you’re there, explore the rich taste of their cuisine including pulled pork sandwiches and baby back ribs, smoked to perfection and smothered in famous ‘bama sauce.


Explore Huntsville
Huntsville is a great family destination. One of Huntsville’s main attractions is the US Space and Rocket Center, where visitors will see the largest collection of actual NASA vehicles available anywhere. You can also explore the history of the Old South with a stroll through Constitution Village, or learn about southern plant life at the Botanical Gardens.
  • Become an astronaut for a day at NASA’s Rocket Center.
  • Visit the Museum of Art, Monte Sano State Park or the Railroad Station Museum for a break from science


Play in Huntsville
People come from all over to play at being astronauts at Space Camp and the Aviation Challenge. These multi-day programs for kids of all ages are fully immersive in space travel and engineering challenges. Huntsville also offers an amazing range of fun things to do, from indoor Kart racing and ice skating (yes, Huntsville even has a rare-for-the-south Division 1 college ice hockey team) to hiking and axe throwing.
  • Space Camp is very popular, so plan ahead.
  • Give it a toss at Civil Axe Throwing, or, put the pedal to the metal at Veloce Indoor Speedway.


Shop in Huntsville
You can find anything you want in Huntsville, especially southern antiques and art. That’s not all … Huntsville boasts one of the largest anywhere collections of comics and games, as well as a gigantic store featuring beer from around the world.
  • Give Firehouse Antiques and Railroad Station Antiques a try.
  • The Deep is a comic lover’s destination experience, and beer lovers can enjoy Old Town Beer Exchange.


Cuisines of all types await Huntsville visitors, from international flavors to down-home local fare. Notable are two very different styles: German and barbecue. Since the Rocket Age, Huntsville has enjoyed an influential German presence with hearty foods to match. Barbecue in Alabama tends toward smoked baby back ribs and pulled pork sandwiches with tangy sauce, though you’ll still find some brisket if you search it out.
  • Hildegard’s German Cuisine and Schnitzel Ranch are a go-to places for German fare.
  • For famous Alabama “Q” try Ted’s B-B-Q, or Melvin’s Place of BBQ.

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