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Silver speeds you through security


Silver Airways is always looking for ways to make your travel more convenient. As a TSA Pre✓® participating airline, Silver Airways makes it easier for you to get to your flight.


With TSA Pre✓® on your boarding pass, frequent travelers taking three to more flights a year will save time at the airports. You have a separate, typically much shorter TSA security line to speed you to your departure gate. You can keep your shoes and belt on among other benefits that make security clearance easier. Liquids and laptops remain in your carry-on bag. And with a TSA Pre✓® boarding pass, children 12 and under traveling with you will also receive TSA Pre✓® . Ready to join, apply on the TSA Pre✓® website.


TSA Precheck items you don't need to remove 


With a highly rated on-time departure record, and now with pre-loaded TSA Pre✓® information, Silver is doing it all it can to make your travel within Florida and the Bahamas, quick, easy and hassle-free.


As a member of TSA Pre✓® , Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI with your Known Traveler Number in your reservation, you will enjoy the smarter travel experience offered at more than 190 airports across the U.S.


Enter your Known Traveler Number into an existing reservation online during Check-in, or call Silver at 801-401-9100 and we will do it for you.


Are you continuing your trip on another airline? Add you Known Traveler Number for each flight segment. Click here for participating airlines and airports.


How to enter your Known Traveler Number

When booking on SilverAirways.com, click the red button next to "Known Traveler/Redress #"  shown at the bottom of the Passenger information page:


Using Precheck during booking, step 1

  The Secure Flight Info section will appear. Enter your Known Traveler Number or Redress number:

Using Precheck during booking, step 2


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