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Can I pay with cash?

What happens when my flight is delayed?


Are bag service charges the same on all routes?

Are there size and weight limits for bags?

Can I bring a Balance Glider / Hoverboard on a Silver Airways flight?

Can I bring my wheelchair?

Does Silver charge a service charge for checked bags?

How do I find my delayed bag?

How much alcohol can I bring back from a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands?

I am a United MileagePlus credit card holder. Will my baggage fees be waived on Silver Airways flights?

I am a United MileagePlus® Premier member (i.e. Silver, Gold, Platinum, or 1K). Will my baggage fees be waived on Silver Airways flights?

I am not sure if I am traveling with any checked luggage. If I do, can I still pay for my bags at the airport?

Why service charges for baggage are higher at the airport?

Cars / Hotels / Packages

How can I book a car ?


Can I get a Mobile Boarding Pass?

Freedom Fares

00. What perks do I get with Freedom Fares?

01. How much notice do I have to give that I want to switch my flight?

02. If I miss my flight, can I switch to a later flight that day?

03. What if I purchase a non-refundable ticket that’s not labeled as a Freedom Fare? Can I still change my flight without incurring a Change Service Charge?

04. Can I only change my flight for the same day as my original flight?

05. Can I only change my flight to flights that cost the same or less than my original flight?

06. What happens if the same fare seats are unavailable on the new flight I want?

07. What if the flight I’m exchanging is valued higher than the new flight I’m interested in taking?

08. Can I exchange my flights to a different origin / destination pair?

09. What happens if I have to cancel my trip?

10. What happens with purchased Bags if I exchange my ticket?

11. I cancelled my trip and I was given a credit in Travel Bank. How do I use it?

12. Is there an option or a service charge that allows me to switch my flight multiple times?

13. I purchased Travel Insurance with my flight, does my flight insurance get transferred over to my new flight?

14. What are the Free Seats I can choose when I purchase a Freedom Fare?

Frequent flyers

Can I earn frequent flyer miles when I fly on Silver Airways?

How do I join the frequent flyer program?


Can I use my portable electronic device (PED) onboard?

How much more room do I get with a Select seat?

Refund Protection

How will the refund be issued to me?

Is Refund Protection only available for roundtrip fares?

May I email my cancellation?

What about baggage service charges I have paid at boarding – are they covered, too?

What’s the deadline for cancelling so I get the refund?

Where do I call to cancel and receive my refund?


Can I reserve a seat online after I book?

Can I still book my reservations with United?

Can I still make a reservation for flights operated by Silver in the Atlanta and Cleveland network cities?

Does Silver offer a discount to U.S. military personnel?

How can I change or cancel my reservation online?

How do I contact the U.S. Department of Transportation?

How do I make a booking for an unaccompanied child?

How do I make a reservation online?

I booked my reservation with a travel agency or online travel agency (e.g. Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity). Why was my reservation changed?

I booked my reservation with United. Why was my reservation changed?

What happens if the flight I change to is cancelled?

What if I made a reservation to/from a city where service is being discontinued?

Who can I contact to re-confirm my reservations or if I have additional questions?

Sales and Email

How do I change my email preferences or unsubscribe from the promotional emails?

Restricted Items

What is the penalty for bringing a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on abroad a flight?

Why are all Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices banned?

Travel Bank

What is Travel Bank?

Travel Insurance

Does Silver offer Travel Insurance?