Fido Fares start at $39

Bring your furry-feathered babies

Why leave your pet home when you can bring them along? For just $98 one way, Fido Fares allow you to bring your pet on board. If their carrier fits under the seat in front of you, your furry or feathered family member can join you. It’s cheaper than a kennel stay and a lot more fun for everyone including them! 
We care about those less fortunate. 5% of your Fido Fare will be donated to local animal shelters to support homeless pets and find loving families to adopt them.

See size limits and Pet Requirements for international travel
Interested in bringing a Service Animal? Read our Service Animal requirements

Bring your dog!  

 Bring your cats!

Bring your bird!

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Domestic & International Flights

You can purchase Fido Fares online or by calling our Reservation Center at 801-401-9100 – we'll add them along to your booking. Our Reservation Center is open 7 days a week between 6am and 9pm (EST).